40"/40"   |   100/100  cm  

Hearts in the Air

Classic heart shapes in a composition that moves upward. Warm red colors on one side and cool blue on the other side highlight one another and symbolize the varying temperaturesof love, and other inherent contradictions. A charged painting, with each heart painted in slightly different shades and unique brushstrokes. Some hearts are paintedin gentle, brief strokes, and othersare painted with thick, coarse strokes, creating flow and harmony forthe eye. There is minimal mixing between colors, which forms continuity and connection. On the blue side, there are touches of red and pink, and on the red side, there are touches of dark and light blue. This is a painting that symbolizes romance and matchmaking. A black, abstract splash at the center of the piece emphasizes the colors, creating a beautiful contrast with the white canvas and adding a layer of the uncontrollable to this complex, unique and loving work of art.


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Hearts in the Air