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Calming Jellyfish

One of my favorite pastimes is diving. Those who dive know that life beneath the water is breathtaking, at times so much so that you feel as if you are in a different world, as if you are in avatar. On one of my dives in Sinai I encountered the African jellyfish – a hypnotizing and breathtaking jellyfish, with long, twisting arms in colors of purplish-blue and a little yellow. The jellyfish swam near me, and I could not help but be impressed with the gentle yet elegant power of this special creature – I felt that before me was a real work of art. Before you is a school of five African jellyfish, jellyfish with dynamic brushstrokes that flow in the direction of their swimming upwards; they boast warm and cool oil colors that create an elegant, glowing effect and they swim in minimalistic blue water flowing upwards in a painting composition that symbolizes ascent and rising. Completing the painting is elegant black spray that begins at the upper section of the painting and continues down into the lower section; spray that balances the colorfulness of the painting, creates delicate and beautiful opposition on the white canvas and adds an additional dimension to the painting, a dimension of abstractness combined with lack of order and control, a dimension that closes the creation of one of the most wonderful creatures in the world.


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Calming Jellyfish